I am a Baltimore-based photographer and documentarian working on long-term projects at the intersections of geography and community. 

My current project, Centroid Towns (2014 - present), is an anthology documentary project creating a portrait of the towns tagged as the mean center of population during the history of the United States Census. The project spans 25 cities across eight states, from Maryland to Missouri.

Since 2007, I have collaborated extensively with Marni Shindelman as the artist duo Larson Shindelman. Our widely-known project Geolocation (2009 - 2019) traces Twitter posts to the point of origin and makes a photograph to mark the location in the real world. Our work probes the expectations of privacy surrounding social networks.

As a resident of Baltimore City, I work in long-term relationships with community groups and collaboratively document my city through the BmoreDoc (2015 - ) project. Most recently, I worked with a small team of youth to document the impact of the late-stage COVID-19 pandemic at Commodore John Rodgers, a Baltimore City Public School serving grades Pre-K-8.

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