A mysterious letter arrives one day from the Prophet Peter Popoff, an evangelizing minister based in California. The letter promises two special miracles for money problems as well as movement into the “secret circle of God’s supernatural blessing.” Inside is a second sealed envelope containing five prayer-anointed miracle pennies, a packet of miracle spring water and directions on using the five pennies to “slay the giants that have tormented you and also to meet all your needs.” The pennies are to be placed under a pillow, cast into water, anointed with oil, hidden in a secret place and placed in a bible next to a particular passage. Following completion of these five tasks, the recipient is to anoint their foot with the packet of miracle spring water, trace the foot on a piece of paper and return the first penny with a $20 suggested donation to receive the supernatural anointing and further instructions.
Enamored with the complex nature of the letter, I endeavor to fully and faithfully complete the detailed instructions. The story arc traces my steps and uses the resulting experiences as a vehicle to explore issues of faith, longing, belief and humor.

Miracle Pennies was completed in 2006 and is available for exhibition or acquisition as a suite of twelve sequential fine prints (15” x 23.5”, edition of 3) or a hand bound artist book (9” x 6”, edition of 6).

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