Burn marks in the shape of South America. Mysterious noises and voices caught on magnetic cassette tapes. Circumstantial coincidences linking events in my life with lives as disparate from my own as that of Elvis Presley and the Pope. Mysterious shapes in the sky recorded in Polaroid photographs. 

Clad in a short sleeve white dress shirt and striped tie, I whisper these and other stories taken from my life and the lives of those around me. The clothes function elusively; I’m the everyperson – the salesperson at the store, the co-worker at the office, the religious zealot on the street corner. I’m a storyteller, weaving tales of ordinary days gone peculiar, of insignificant objects that suddenly take on extraordinary significance. The nature of the photographs assures you that this is a “document” – the objects in the photographs presented as “proof” of an experience, of a realization. Photographs exist as fragmented moments removed from context, but we want to believe, need to believe, that reality can be recorded. That the intangible can be made concrete and that absolute proof exists. The photographs are injected with a superimposed textual narrative – after all, what can we use to communicate if not language, if not the photographic image? If we cannot believe photographs, what can we believe? If a glistening product in an advertisement will not fix us, what will?

Series produced from 2003-2006. All prints are Archival Pigment Prints, 14" x 9.25", framed 20" x 16". 

“To say that photographs lie implies that they might tell the truth; but the beauty 

of their nature is exactly to say nothing, neither to lie nor not to.” Stanley Cavell

“I know how difficult it is to say exactly what happened even a moment earlier. If someone were with me, their testimony might corroborate my own, or it might not. And if there is a photograph? The camera always lies.” Jeanette Winterson

“While photographs may not lie, liars may photograph.” Lewis Hine

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